Environmental Benefits of Eco Carpet Cleaning in Campbelltown

?An example of eco carpet cleaning in Campbelltown

DRY KING Carpet Cleaning uses a cleaning technology known as encapsulation which is known as a low moisture cleaning system.
DRY KING is recognised as using a sustainable carpet cleaning technology because:

? DRY KING uses 90% less water than steam cleaning.
? DRY KING works best with cold water so there is no need to consume energy heating large amounts of water.
? There is no wastewater to be disposed of.
? DRY KING uses only biodegradable detergents.
? There is no toxic waste with DRY KING
It costs no more to support the environment when you choose DRY KINGCarpet Cleaning.

Encapping??An example of eco carpet cleaning in Sydney

There is a new form of carpet cleaning called ?Encapsulation? which has evolved over the last 10 years and provides excellent results that will continue to reduce carpet re-soiling well after your carpet has been cleaned. This therefore has the benefit that your carpet will stay cleaner longer.

Encapsulation also uses much less water and heat than steam cleaning; allowing your carpet to dry much faster once the job is complete.

More Information on Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Most dry soil in carpet will be removed when the carpet cleaner pre-vacuums with an industrial grade vacuum cleaner. A good carpet cleaner?s vacuum cleaner will also have a hospital grade filtration system meeting the Australian Standard 3733.

The next step is to counteract the sticky soils. It?s the sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the surface. The result is a dull, grey and dirty appearance.?Encapsulation? chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallises so it cannot attract other soil. The encapsulated particles release from the fibre and are easily removed with subsequent vacuuming.

As there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind, your carpet stays clean longer.

Another benefit of encapsulation cleaning is it is a low moisture cleaning method. This means your carpet will dry faster following cleaning.

Tests conducted by the University of Michigan proved that encap will wrap up and suffocate all living organisms such as mould and bacteria during the curing process whereas HWE actually increased activity so it makes sense to go with encap.

Dirt does not stick to crystalline residue left behind on carpet cleaned with encapsulating cleaning chemicals.carpet-fibres

Does encapsulation cleaning help prevent ?rapid re-soiling??

One carpet mill estimates that up to 4% of detergent used is left in the carpet following ?Hot Water Extraction? (Steam Cleaning) and this residue is additive over repeated cleanings.

Any new soil coming into contact with your carpet, such as dirt from shoes in normal foot traffic, will be attracted to the sticky detergent residue left on your carpet.

This is referred to as ?rapid re-soiling?, which means your cleaned carpet getting dirty faster than carpet with no residue. Vacuuming will remove loose soil but will not remove dirt attached to sticky residue.

Encapsulation chemistry not only cleans better, but also helps your carpet stay clean longer. The encapsulation technology is a much more effective carpet cleaning technology because it crystallises any remaining residue, thus preventing rapid re-soiling.

So for the market leaders for all your in Eco Carpet Cleaning needs in Sydney, call Dry King Carpet Cleaning today!