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You Won’t Believe Our Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning in Campbelltown!

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From the desk of Rafik Ghali, Founder of Dry King Carpet Cleaning

Dear friend and possible future customer,

With your permission, I would really love to tell you about my special tile and grout cleaning service? No more dirty water to dump down your drain, no more dirty tiles or grout, no more scrubbing your grout, no more waiting, and waiting for your tiles and grout to dry, and no more dirty mops or buckets.

All the dirty water is vacuumed away into a storage tank in my truck and your tiles and grout is left rinsed beautiful and clean? Plus your tiles are dry in just one hour to two hours and ready to walk on.

So why should you choose me from any other tile and grout cleaning company?

Here’s why:

1. If for any reason you are not super pleased and over the moon excited at how your tiles and grout look after I have cleaned them I will come back to your home and clean them again for FREE.

2. If you are still not super pleased and over the moon excited at how your tiles and grout look after I have cleaned them the second time then I will give you 100% of your money back.

3. Plus I will pay for (out of my own pocket) the tile and grout cleaner of your choice to come out and go over my work.

What could be more fair?

Call me Today on: (02) 4620 5555

(local only)

Plus I have also completed an intense tile and grout cleaning and restoration course that covers all types of stone and tiles. There are some tile and grout cleaning companies that don’t pass or even do this course. Just like an electrician needs to pass a course to understand what he or she is doing it is the same with stone, tile, and grout.

How to protect your tiles and grout

The grout is the mortar in between your tiles or stone. More often than not the grout becomes stained as a result of it not being sealed with a proper grout sealer or the sealant has worn off over time.

One of our special processes can remedy this problem and can protect your tiles for years to come. Once you have your tiles and grout cleaned be sure to ask me about the special sealant I can apply to your grout to protect it and keep it looking cleaner for longer.

Routine maintenance

You most likely realise than regular maintenance is the key to longevity with anything. Well, it’s no different here with your tile and grout cleaning? the more you maintain them the better they will look and the longer they will last.

Also, remember that regular maintenance of your tiles and grout will also keep your home healthier by disinfecting and killing germs and bacteria that also build up over time.

The important thing here is we NEVER use any hazardous chemicals like bleach or ammonia which when mixed together is extremely dangerous.

Most often it is the grout that needs cleaning first and it is the grout that harvests the germs and bacteria so hiring me to care for your tile and grout cleaning will make a huge difference and keep your tiles and grout looking cleaner for longer.

Save Hundreds of Dollars… Buy Two and Get One FREE

When you combine any two of my services together I will give you a third one FREE.


You invest in me to clean your tile and grout of your home and to clean your carpets you can get your upholstery cleaned FREE.

See our page on Available Services to see which cleaning services you would like to combine with your tile and grout cleaning. Some conditions apply.

Call me Today on: (02) 4620 5555

(local only)

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